Brass Engines Anyone! Our latest new product kit announcement. A long lost O Scale EMD GP-40 Engine Project that was partially completed within All Nation some years ago is now available for the well seasoned brass scratch builder.

This kit is not for the inexperienced model builder because it does not come with instructions. This kit will challenge the model builder with a wonderful outcome at an affordable price point.

The primary body components are etched brass requiring metal work on the part of the modeler to cut up to the line work, do cut outs where appropriate and solder the main parts together. A subset set of 3D Printed PETG plastic parts ship with this model to add some of the hardware detail. The kit does not ship with trucks, couplers, motor or transmission drives, glue or solder, thus only the parts for the superstructure are included.

This will be a fine addition to the O Scale 2 Rail Pike. No two modelers approach a scratch building project in the same manner or methods to solve the problems along the model building journey. Implicit in this adventure is enjoying the means to innovate for customization that kits offer toward the railroad one is modeling.

We recommend completing all the soldering work on the brass superstructure prior to installing and mounting the plastic parts. Initial annotated photos on-line suggest the beginning steps to begin fabricating the GP-40 engine body shell. Study all the parts before starting the project and take your time. One side of the cab has been trimmed and windows cut out as an example to follow. We do not recommend a list of tools to be used in the construction because most scratch builders modeling in metals will have their favorite cutters, files and drill sets or machines to aid in the process.

If you are not an experienced modeler working in brass, this may be the perfect model to start honing your skills knowing it will be a lot of work and take you a little longer to complete.

We have provided the front nose/hood that mounts in front of the cab in PETG. It can be used or used as a template mock up to create it from scratch. The front brass panel for the hood is provide for the nose or can be soldered to the component you will make from scratch. It give the approximate angle or slope from the cab front wall to the end of the nose. If desired, the angle can be less by sanding it down from say 5 degrees to 3 degrees and smoothed because we made the PETG thick enough to modify. Any angles that must be made in the brass sheet, for example the cab roof will require a protractor to gauge how far to make the bends. The same goes for the nose and the rear end panel.

We hope you have many hours of enjoyment putting this kit together, stick some dummy trucks under it and you are ready to roll.

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                                        O Scale EMD GP-40 Engine

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