The Chicago Great Western Railroad was a Class I Railroad with a rich history of productivity serving the Heart of America. Whatever road you model, whether real or imaginary, the plethora of ideas to craft is what makes working or should I say playing in the hobby so diverse and simply enjoyable for all ages.

Without a doubt, working on model trains with family or friends adds to the pleasure. And model train shows and conventions prove it! I setup Conductor Railway Hobbies (CRH) to do just that, share what I do with other model railroaders. The reciprocity has been unbelievable, I can tell you that. With the birth of the World Wide Web, no one has to work on models in isolation or wait for a convention. And model railroaders like to show and tell what they have done because the hobby is a very visual stimulating activity. A few of the things we do at CRH follows:

  • Show what we are doing in the model workshop
  • Share and distribute my work on this platform and other commercial platforms
  • Attend Train Shows and Promote the O Scale Kings
  • Research topics of interest on the CGW
  • Restore and maintain older models in the collection
  • Create parts in Advanced CAD programs for replication or for scratch building
  • 3D Print replacement parts or improve upon old parts for detailing models
  • Host Zoom Meetings with other model railroaders
  • Create interesting Videos
  • Leverage Media Platforms to our advantage i.e., product instructions linked to a instruction video.
  • Author books, articles and forums with useful information especially to help many people of all ages getting started in O Scale 2 Rail

I can hardly call anyone a customer because most end up being friends. Many volunteer time to work on small projects required to put on a train shows. During these trying times, model railroading can be a therapeutic relief from everyday stress. Join us and make your connections in the hobby, you will be glad you did.

John Wubbel, CEO Conductor Railway Hobbies, LLC , All-Nation Line