Updated 1/23/2024

Enjoy these photos of various models either my Grandfather Les or I have built and collected over the years!  We are sharing several other special events, too!  If you have photos you would like showcased on our site, just give me a call (570-580-7406) or send me an email at jwubbel@protonmail.com!

Have a great O Scale Day!

John Wubbel, CEO

Open Motor Trolley

Featured in the September / October 2023 O Scale Trains Magazine was the open motor trolley my Grandfather Leslie Gaskill built from scratch in 1947. Grandpa was a motorman for Chicago Surface Lines and he operated a Madison street car. From our previous posts, you know that he was inspired to scratch build several trolley cars during his modeling days. The car shown in the photos is a fully motorized replica of the open motor trolley used in Chicago between 1890 and 1910. This trolley is about 8.5 inches long and stands approximately 2.75 inches high. It was interesting because this trolley marked the transition from horse drawn cars to those with motors and trolley lines.

We performed a restoration keeping in mind the original work & show you these photos below.

We hope you enjoy this vintage piece that has been in our family for 75 years.

Public Service Company #45
Public Service Company #45 traction model scratch built by my Grandfather Leslie Gaskill was another fine model operating on his O Scale layout. Running off overhead wire and powered by Wagner Car Company trucks, the car itself was modeled using wood parts throughout including the scribed wooden sides.

Historic San Francisco Cable Car!

Another gem from our Grandfather’s collection is this unfinished cable car. It is so much fun to view.  This historic San Francisco Cable Car was made by the Hawk Model Company in 1959 (Kit#517).  It is 1/4 scale, came in 85 parts & was “a collector’s master kit”.  Of interest was the specifications of the single end cars:


Seating Capacity:29

Length over bumpers:27ft.       

Length over closed section:12ft.

Length over open:15ft.              

Width over steps:7ft.10″

Truck centers:11ft.8″               

Size of Wheels:22″

Type of wheel:Cast Iron            

Brakes:Wheel brakes             

Track gauge:3ft.6″

We hope you enjoy looking at these photos!  Cheers and have a great November!


Strasburg 2 Rail O Scale Train Show and Swap Meet August 2023

We had a great time talking with everyone that stopped by our table at the Strasburg Meet!  Our focus on Ready to Run Engines, 3 to 2 Rail Conversions and Drop in Ready Transmissions were a great hit!  The kits and some of the favorite items were also appreciated!  A special thanks goes out to Rich Yoder for his continued efforts to coordinate this meet.  Thank you to everyone who continues to support All Nation Line, and we look forward to seeing you next time.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need something. We thought you might enjoy a few photos from the meet! 


Chicago & North Western Caboose Bobber

Now here is a fun little 4-Wheel Caboose Bobber.  These little trains were real and they just sort of bobbed down the tracks! It’s a little bit rough around the edges but we just love it.

What a hoot! Enjoy the pictures of this little brass train that we have in our collection.


Here is a unique little train and a fun story to go with it.  Under the guidance of my grandfather when my mom was 12 years old, she built a model of the 1831 DeWitt Clinton Locomotive which was the original unit of the New York Central unit. The fun part of this story is that both my grandfather and mother were in a featured article in the Chicago Tribute. 🙂 The attached photo was from that article published in 1941.


Another good looking Trolley that is in running condition. It was scratch built in the 1940-50s and found in our grandfather’s collection.

What a gem! Grandpa created this Chicago PCC Street Car; scratch built from top to bottom in the 1940s. A fun rendition with full inside details including the fare register modernized “Pay As You Enter” at the rear of the car.

In the 1940’s this dandy little scratch built trolley was built by my grandfather and he called it the Sleepy Hollow Traction Line.

This next trolley is a beauty! 769 North Chicago Street R.R. Co. Car

Scratch built, this 769 North Chicago Street R.R. Co. car was modeled after the original double truck “combination” grip car, which ran on Clybourn in 1886-1889.  Great job Grandpa Les for his unique techniques to make it look real!