April 17, 2024

Once again we recognize the talent of Leon Butler.   Incredible Seaboard & ACL pulpwood bulkhead freight cars and a very nice Atlantic Coast Line Caboose!  We know everyone will enjoy looking at these photos many time over.  Thank you so much, Leon, for sharing these fabulous cars.


January 25, 2024

Wow! It’s hard to tell these photos from the real thing!

John Bishop – absolutely fabulous!

Using the All Nation Line 3D Printed Western Pacific / Sacramento Northern Caboose kit, John Bishop set out to build and super detail this caboose to the fullest extent. We know it took many focused hours to get every aspect just perfect, and what a treat to have this running on your pike! Well, done, indeed.

Thank you, John for sharing this beauty! You have done the WP/SN proud!

January 24, 2024

Michael Rahilly had a vision for re-creating one of the most beautiful engines in the NJ Transit Line. The attention to detail, the specific development of the decal and its application was a team effort led by this experienced train man. The development started with Michael’s vision of what the All Nation Line 3D printed SW 1500 Switcher shell kit could become. Not only was it beautifully finished, but the intention for it to be a showcase car was most gorgeously set on the All Nation Line O Scale 2 Rail Road Bed Concrete Tie sections using Code 145 rail.

Michael – We thank you so much for letting us showcase these photos for the O Scale Community, and allowing us to share in part the joy of making this dream a reality! Kudos!

January 19, 2024
Thank you John Konen for sharing the very nice All Nation Drop Center Flat Car photos. John also shared a rebuild of a 1950’s era Walthers 50′ wagon top auto boxcar using Protocraft VGN-6 decals and accompanying information sheet for Virginian Class XA-1, Series 62000 – 62024. These were similar to PRR X-32B, N&W GSC 0.0. 239 and DTI GSC. 0.0. 252 (later purchased by N.P.). John used Tru-Color spray paint cans (limited color selection currently available) as his Scalecoat inventory shrinks. Some All Nation accessory parts were used to replace damaged or missing parts.As always, we look forward to seeing and then sharing, with the permission of the modeler, their exceptional work! Thanks, John!
October 16, 2023
What a treat! Today we are sharing several unique boxcars that Leon Butler has been actively working on in his Roundhouse. What a delight to see all the photos of his models.In the first photo, Leon used the All Nation fish belly underframe to help him model this unique Seaboard Boxcar 20053. There are two doors on one end that both slide to the right, one over the other, to allow fork lifts easier loading. This car is one of one on the SAL. They later built more of a similar design, but with a higher inside dimension. A beautiful edition to your layout indeed!The next two photos are a real hoot; National Poultry Car 6007! This model is a chicken transport car built from an All Nation 36’ wood reefer kit, with some modifications. We just love it! The next two are well done, indeed: the Seaboard Bunk Cars F70710 and R70597. It is a good example of where All Nation was able to support a modeler who had a specific need. In this case we were able to provide the specific windows required for this model. We are so happy to help!The final photo is another Seaboard Boxcar C70169. One can see that attention to details makes all the difference in the world. How much fun it is to look at any aspect of this car.We hope you enjoy looking at these cars as much as we have enjoyed them. Thank you so much Leon for sharing your talents with All Nation and the O Scale Community!
September 13, 2023
We very much want to thank Jim Rohrbach for sharing his talent in our Modeler’s Showcase. His beautiful Great Northern Box Car will for sure roll on to the tracks to please the eyes of all who see it. As can be seen at the Great Northern Railway Historical Society, Jim’s model is a great match to the real thing!As always it is such fun to know that the scratch builder’s world is still going strong. We are happy to support any and all modelers in their needs as they build their beauties. Thank you again, Jim.  It is our pleasure to showcase your model.
July 25, 2023
We would very much like to thank Mr. Hisao Sugiyama from Tokoyo, Japan for sharing several photos of his O Scale Interurban Windsplitter. Mr Sugiyama is an excellent modeler of the American Interurban Trolleys. He has his own private O Scale railway called “Cedar Mountain Railway” based on his family name.  Sugiyama’s ‘Sugi’ means cedar and ‘yama’ means mountain in English. The body color of his Windsplitter is the color scheme of his private line.  The detailing, including the interior with chairs, lighting and decoration, is outstanding. We are sure it is beautiful as it rides the rails of his traction layout. As always, we appreciate seeing the unique characteristics that each modeler creates when using basic kits in their scratch building. This model is stellar! Thank you again for sharing! Cedar Mountain Railway PostNote: The original design of the Windsplitter & Chairs were created by Gary Reighn; subsequently All Nation Line 3D prints the Trolley Kit and the Windsplitter chairs.
June 16, 2023
Thank you to Leon Butler for this photo of his model; Atlantic Coast Line (ACL) Maintenance of Way (MOW) Car and sharing your experience.  Leon summarized, “These cars were used to house the railway gangs for projects out along the railroad away from terminals. They came in many variations, window placement, and door access. I honestly do not believe any two were identical. I remember seeing them in use in the early 1950’s and some lasted through the Seaboard Coast Line. My version started with a vintage All Nation boxcar kit and used the windows John printed for me.”It was our pleasure to assist in your beautiful rendition! Again, thank you for sharing! Fantastic job! 
June 2, 2023

Thank you Tommy Little for sharing your talents showcasing the Rock Island CBQ Caboose made from the All Nation Western Style Caboose CB&Q Basic Kit (PN#3612). It is always a great pleasure to see the details and special trains that arise from the kits.  We appreciate you sharing the photo of the end product. 

Well done, indeed!

May 2023

We recognize here the creative talents of Tom Lennon.  We share his rendition of the Northern Pacific 60′ LCL Box Car in S-Scale for which he used the All Nation S Scale kit as a base.  Tom made several additions & modifications along the way, as a good scratch builder does, and he produced a beautiful box car.   Great job Tom and thank you for sharing the photo and the process you went through to create this fabulous finished car!

Inspired by a kit that was put out many years ago by Red Ball, according to the documentation, the original kit was designed by Merle Rice of Wabash Valley Lines, Inc. 

The Northern Pacific 1920s era LCL Box Car, a re-engineered version of the original kit. The NP Car was unique due to the fact that the railroad was experimenting with a 60′ car. Right around the 1910 – 1920 period freight cars were starting to be built using steel. Previous to that time construction was of wood and cast iron. Stock cars were a good example of this transition for obvious reasons such as longer service life, less upkeep and heavier loads. While longer wood passenger coaches had truss rods, the only thing that makes this car look a little different is the fact that it looks like a stretched 40′ box car.

Also available in O Scale: All Nation Line Northern Pacific 60′ LCL O Scale Box Car Body Kit PN#2K

February 2023

We thank John Konen for sharing his talent in our Modeler’s Showcase.

U.P. car is modeled from pictures on Page 43, “U.P Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment”, Stagner & Yanosey and Train Shed and Page 122, “Train Shed Cyclopedia,” 1943 Car Builders Cyclopedia reprint.

December 2021

We thank Martin Brechbiel, editor of O Scale Trains Magazines, for sharing his talent and creativity building A Western Style CB&Q Caboose.  Martin used several basic parts from the CB&Q 3D printed kit and many additional items from his personal treasure chest of model railroading parts.  This scratch build is a good opportunity to see how the modeler can improvise.  Beautiful job!