All Nation Steeple Cab Traction Trolley Kit Includes Truck Kit Unpowered PN#17K


Power/transmission coming soon!

(couplers, trolley pole, lights or hand rails not included)

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For Sale:  All Nation Steeple Cab Traction Trolley Kit Includes Truck Kit PN#17K unpowered

(couplers, trolley pole, lights and hand rails not included)

Both The Sleepy Hollow Line and The Lazy River Line ordered and utilized Steeple Cab Traction motors to interchange and switch cars with the mainline railroad as well for local switching of industries. Oh and by the way, both lines were fictitious.

It is often said O Scale takes up too much space. That is true if you are running transcontinental trains with DPUs in the middle and the end of your consist. However, in the era gone by, when equipment such as freight cars were shorter and steam switcher engines of the 0-4-0 or 0-6-0 make up pushed cars around, you can fit a lot of railroad in a small space in O Scale. This steeple cab is proof.

This kit is designed for the beginner modeler that wants to get into the traction and trolley or Interurban action on their layout. Assembly can be done in a matter of 2 hours with some basic tools. 3D Printed using ABS filament, the modeler will need a #60 drill bit and an 0-90 tap, a fine file and a tube of CA glue. Some brim and support material will need to be cleaned up by the modeler and the guide holes in the pilot for mounting to the floor will need to be cleaned with a drill bit. The pilots could be drilled and tapped if removal is desired for later servicing or coupler mounting.

The nice part about a fictitious model railroad, one can make detail refinements or special paint and decal jobs with all the imagination possible and no one can say you did it wrong.

The kit is unpowered, does not come with couplers, trolley pole, lights or hand rails. The truck is a 2 axle configuration with 33″ wheels insulated on one side.

The model is approximately 111.2 mm or 4.38″ in length by 55 mm or 2.17″ wide and 82.55 mm or 3.25″.

In order to assemble the body, there are slight indents (as a guide only) for gluing up the sides and the front and back walls of the cab. Traction motor covers must be centered in front of the forward and back cab walls.

When assembling the truck, the journals must be cleaned up with a file making sure not to file or knock off the nub that the axle spring centers on. The journals must slide freely in the sideframe, thus a touch up of the file may be required. In order to hold the journals in place, glue the bracket centered over the journal area on the inside and to the top of the side frame. The journal must also be able to bottom out such that the bottom lip overlays the outside of the frame. This is a sprung truck provided no glue gets into the journal slide guides.

Assembly of the wheels with the journal bushings and bolster is straight forward and once complete must be attached to the body by drilling and tapping into the side of the pilots with a #60 drill and tapping for the 0-90 hex bolts.

All other peripheral details to complete the model is up to the modeler.

Parts list included in this kit:

ABS 3D Printed:

1 Floor

1 Roof

2 Sides

2 Hoods

2 Pilots

2 Head Lamps and Mounts

1 Cab Wall Front

1 Cab Wall Back

2 Side Frames

4 Journals

4 / 4 Journal Box Frame

2 Insulators (ABS or PLA)


4 Wheels 33″

2 Axles

4 Springs

12 Screws 0-90 x 1/4″


The 3D printed ABS parts come directly off the Prusa printer and may required removal of some of the supporting material. Track, original trolley and assembled trolleys are not included in this purchase and are for example only.

Made In The USA.