Placed into our Cool Info section of the Website is a case study of images and pdf files of the original large blueprint from the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad Mechanical Engineering Shops describing in minute detail the physical waycar equipment used throughout their system for many years. These drawings of the wood caboose were reference documents for maintaining the cars in good working order over the lifetime of the car.
Many of the images are close up photos of areas on the drawing since the hard copy was rather large. The document also indicates what series of cars these features were found on the CB&Q rail system.
For the modeler, these can be invaluable to be able to accurately replicate these in O Scale. A good deal of time is required to study and think about how these cars were constructed and housed the various tools and accessories for working on the railroad it the day.
Click on HERE which will take you directly to the CB&Q Waycar Case Study featuring almost 70 documents.