All Nation Line Trestle Supports (6) Kit O Scale PN#274AN


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For Sale:  All Nation Line Trestle Supports (6) Kit O Scale PN#274AN


From the tallest mountain passes to the lowest marshes, bridging the gap is an important and sometimes challenging aspect for the railroads.  This kit provides the modeler the ability to build 6 Bents in total to span a marsh / swamp like gap on their pike.

Our structure kits are made with the beginner modeler in mind. Easy, inexpensive and quick to assemble. Our structure kits are for all, no matter the skill level.  Although we demonstrate in photos how we built this structure, this kit can be configured in a couple different ways – left up to the modeler.

For sale in this 3D printed in PLA kit we include the following parts:

Bent Beam (6):  Length 87.35mm (3.44 inches), Width 9.53mm (0.38 inches), Height 12.7mm (0.5 inches)

Inner Supports (24): Radius 3.97mm (0.16 inches), Height 34.92mm (1.37 inches)

End Supports (12): Radius 3.97mm (0.16 inches) slight angle at each end.


ALL Nation Line Trestle Support Kit Instructions (Suggestions only)

  1. Lay out pieces, clean any edges of support material.
  2. Dry fit pieces to be familiar with the build.
  3. Painting pieces prior to assembly is left up to the modeler.
  4. Pay close attention to the end supports that have a slight angle when squaring as you glue.
  5. Allow glue to set after each step.
  6. Decide on desired design. There are options for the modeler. The instructions are written for full assembly; 2 ends and 4 center supports for each beam.
  7. Glue ends to beam paying attention to angles.
  8. Glue the center supports to the beam leaving desired amount of space between each support.

Helpful Hints

Basic types of plastic glues such as super glue or Walther’s Goo can be used; however, to learn more about glue and 3D prints there is a very good reference article at the link below from Prusa Research:
Information on painting on PLA is plentiful on the web however Acrylics work well, too.
This kit is 3D printed using PLA.   3D parts sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer built plate and some clean up of the edges may be required.  PLA is not dishwasher safe and may deform in a hot automobile in the summer time as it has a relatively low glass-transition temperature between 50 and 80 °C and a melting temperature between 170 and 180 °C.

ANL original design.

Made in the USA