Interior Chairs (28) THIN BASE Windsplitter Interurban (3D Print PLA): PN#MS6PLA


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Gary Reighn Developed Design

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Interior Chairs (28) THIN BASE Windsplitter Interurban (3D Print PLA): PN#MS6PLA

Gary Reighn Developed Design (see below)

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Although specifically developed for the Windsplitter, modellers may find other uses for them, too. 

There are a total of 28 chairs in this set. The modeler will be required to remove all the support structure required to print the chairs and thus we give one as a model and one extra to practice.

26 Chairs for the Windsplitter

1 Chair to practice taking off the 3D print support

1 Chair to see the detailed parts under support

Take care with removal of support material.  Legs are delicate.

Made in the USA.


The provenance of this chairs and appropriate attribution goes to Gary Reighn ( for developing the files for 3D Printing in O Scale. His files are available for download and printing on your own printer. The files for the Windsplitter Interurban are available at Cults3d for a nominal charge.  With his permission, the design is licensed under a Creative Commons (4.0 International License) Attribution-ShareAlike

As per the license, no additional creative enhancements have been done to these 3D Print components by All Nation and therefore, there is nothing to contribute back to the Open Source community. However, modelers are free to make changes or enhancements to their building out the kit.


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Grey/Silver, Velvet Red, Green