All Nation Line 4 (four) Chimneys PLA PN#233AN


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For Sale:  All Nation Line 4 (four) Chimneys PLA PN#233AN

Four (4) adorable chimneys which are typically sold with the Country Station Kit and the Shanty Kit but are sold separately here because of their versatility.  These chimneys could be used in any structure.  The product is detailed and printed using a 3D Printer achieved in the scale of 1:48 typically used in O Scale.  May be printed in various colors.  If specific color is required, please request.

Sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer built plate, all sales final no returns. PLA is not dishwasher safe and may deform in a hot automobile in the summer time as it has a relatively low glass-transition temperature between 50 and 80 °C and a melting temperature between 170 and 180 °C
Made in the USA