Lionel RS11 Kit Bash Parts Power Truck Platforms, Fuel Tank & Pilots for 2 Rail O Scale 3D Printed PN#RS11


This purchase is for the RS11 Bash KIT ONLY.  Engine photo is for reference only & not for sale.

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For Sale:  Lionel RS11 Kit Bash Parts Power Truck Platforms, Fuel Tank & Pilots for 2 Rail O Scale 3D Printed PN#RS11
(Note:  Engine in photos is NOT included and for reference only)
After doing the same platforms for the Lionel GP-30 and the Lionel GP-35, I next embarked on the RS11 engines.  Given the models are so close dimensionally speaking, I made the necessary modifications to accommodate the underside of the engine body. The platforms on the front and rear ends mount into the existing studs because they align to make it easier to install the kit parts. The screws required maybe metric however, I have tapped these holes for a 4-40 flat head on occasion.
Another reason I did this work is to give people who are new to O Scale 2 Rail an opportunity to ease entry into the scale at a relatively low cost point and get on to learning to model in this scale. Typically, these Lionel body shells are available and make for good kit bashing projects. Logically, the first effort is to develop the model into a working non-powered unit and then later implement the prime mover and power train with perhaps DCC and or Sound. Our platforms have been printed to accommodate All Nation trucks and transmissions. For installing transmissions and motors, the platforms can be cut out or we print them already cut out with proper clearances. The fuel tank currently is simply press fit into the body.
We recently came out with our AAR Type B truck for models like the Alco engines. The pilots in this kit are new as well and print as 4 parts. The main body of the pilot with steps most of the time fits to the body of engines generically with appropriate rail head clearance. However, we slice a small amount off the top and the bottom of the pilots and print those slices in case a little more material needs to be laminated to adjust the height. The 4th part may or may not be used depending on the railroad being modeled. The SP engines based on some of my research had a plain face pilot. However a NP engine might have the forward step on the bottom leading edge of the pilot. This can be glued on. The pilots can also be glued onto platforms once height considerations have been evaluated.
Printed with Prusa ABS filament sold as is straight off the Prusa Printer build plate, all sales final no returns. 
Parts List:
2 Pilots
1 Front Platform
1 Rear Platform
1 Fuel Tank
Some excess printer build plate brim material and threads may need cleanup before installation.
Made In The USA.