All Nation Doodlebug Power Truck Chain Drive & Trailing Truck – 12VPittman for (e.g.) Gas Electric, Doodlebug or WindSplitter PN#441AN


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For Sale: All Nation Doodlebug Power Truck Chain Drive & Trailing Truck – 12VPittman for (e.g.) Gas Electric, Doodlebug or WindSplitter PN#441AN

We have made an effort to adapt our power truck drives/transmission for use in many more applications besides switcher or road diesels. This version sports a set of side frames that would have been identified many years ago as the Walther’s Suburban #6 found on suburban commuter coaches. However, a Commonwealth side frame or any of the various other models of trucks found under powered equipment on the railroads can be used or substituted. Because the wheel base or distance between journals may vary, this transmission drive train can adjust in length as a result of the spline on the bottom drive shaft. Commonwealth, or frames used for example on RDC trucks like our #2510 will work just fine. Wagner side frames or Q Car should also work and where appropriate 33″ wheels can be substituted.

This is a custom unit hand built with special attention to improved parts for assembly and disassembly. The journals have been machined to accommodate ball bearings for the axles. The bolster bridging the side frames has designed clearance for the drive shaft and holes for attaching pick up wipers on the wheels. Wiper sets are not included. The 36″ wheels are insulated on one side. The cross hanger on top of the bolster is to facilitate easy mounting to the under body of the car. Walther’s original Doodlebug kits based on the C&NW prototype was available in 56′ & 75′ models and could be adapted to many roads. After All Nation acquired the Walther’s O Scale passenger car line, these models were also offered with or without power. Consequently, the All Nation drives were implemented to power these models, primarily with a floor level motor implementation driving a helix or chain tower drive.

In this design version, we decided to try a little bit heftier Pittman motor mounted over one gear box using a 1:1 ratio sprocket chain drive as opposed to a tiny motor integrated into the truck with a spring belt drive. We have available the 3D Printed front and back car ends for these cars but not a full kit just yet and soon to have floors for the 56′ car. In a sequel version of this drive, we will also have a floor level motor implementation for the 56′ car.

Our intention is to have some standard power offerings that can be considered for use in other railroad model equipment such as traction models like the Windsplitter or box motors.

Parts List:

Trailing Truck:

2 Side frames (Suburban Electric 4 Wheel Trucks)

1 Bolster with 2 side frame mounts using 2 self tapping screws with washers under the screw head

4 Bolster Screws / Truck to attach to the side frame mounts

4 Ball Bearing / Truck in journals

4 36″ wheels, 2 Axles, pressed / Truck 1 side insulated

Power Trucks:

Similar to above in trailing truck and…

2 Polycarbonate 3D Printed Sprockets with 16 teeth

1 Chain approximately 4″

1 Pittman Motor 12V

1 Motor mounting loop that allows horizontal adjustment  to align sprockets

4 Ball Bearings

2 Standard AN small Gear Boxes each with worm gears on the axles

1 #4041 Spline with sprocket

36″ Wheels

1 Body Mount + Washer + 1 king pin screw 6-32 x 3/16″

Enjoy this short video of the Chain Drive in action on the treadmill by clicking on the picture: